Accommodation Letters

Jaclyn Fleck Psych Testing Psychologist Naperville square

Prosper Psychological Testing Services can provide recommendations to assist with school, work, or treatment strategies that may help with performance in any of these settings. Before any recommendations are provided or accommodation letters are written, a psych evaluation test will need to be conducted.

Once the testing is completed and the results are available, recommendations are often made about ways to change how things are normally done in work or school settings. If needed, an accommodation letter can also be written to advocate for suggested changes. For example: time off for treatment, altered break and work schedules (e.g., scheduling work or school around medical appointments), changes in supervisory or teaching methods (e.g., written instructions, or breaking tasks into smaller parts), extended test-taking time, delayed assignment due dates, tutoring, mentoring, varied formats (written versus visual), environment changes (if possible), and alternative formats (paper, pencil, computer, virtual, etc.) as reasonable and possible. However, it is important to know that a letter for accommodations does not guarantee that schools or workplaces will accept or implement the recommendations.