Psychological Testing / Assessment

Jesse Fleck Psych Testing Psychologist Naperville

Psychological assessment, also known as psychological testing, a mentality test, or a psychological evaluation, is a process used to better understand a person and their overall functioning. It relies on psychometric psychology and data to understand a person’s psychological or mental health status, including challenges, personality style, IQ, cognitive abilities, or achievement functioning. It aims to identify strengths and weaknesses, while considering the context of the individual and providing insight into one’s performance, way of operating, and potential causes.

Psych testing is usually ordered to better understand symptoms, what is causing them, and help inform and develop a treatment plan. Testing results help determine a diagnosis and guide treatment, whether for mental health concerns, ADHD assessment, or academic performance. The actual testing and evaluation process includes a clinical interview, the administration of a variety of psychological tests, analysis and interpretation of results, report writing, and feedback.

Psychological testing at Prosper Psychological Testing Services may include a focus on one or more of these areas:

  1. Cognitive: This includes IQ and Achievement testing to evaluate cognitive abilities such as attention, verbal comprehension, visual-spatial ability, abstract thought, impulsivity, problem solving, etc. Often this includes an evaluation for ADHD, which may include an adult ADHD test, an ADHD test for kids, or an ADHD test for children.
  2. Emotional and personality: this includes assessment of emotional and personality functioning such as depression, anxiety, and general personality style.
  3. Behavioral: This includes assessment of substance abuse, trauma, abuse, self-harm, suicidal thinking, impulsivity, etc.
  4. Executive Functioning: This evaluates self-regulation, problem solving, planning, organization, inhibition, working memory, etc.